What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for?  My list is deep and lengthy. I feel very blessed in so many ways! Always on my list are those of you that allow us to live out our mission to serve the thousands of homeless, at-risk, foster and sex trafficked youth across North Texas with your gracious donations. Without […]

A girl’s story…

A Girl’s Story As Life Coaches, we often don’t get the entire story of our youth prior to meeting them for the first time.  For most, it usually takes a few ‘one-on-ones’ to build the foundation for deep conversations to where our youth can trust us to share their most dark secrets. Not this time. […]

A young man, a bucket of suds and a DREAM!

https://youtu.be/ikR8jdPXM1o A young man, a bucket of suds and a DREAM! In the summer of 2020, we introduced you to Dax, one of the many youth that we are proud to serve. When a youth’s family situation has failed them, it is the community support that should be there for them. We got a chance […]

A single phone call can change a life!

A single phone call can save a life! A lot of our journeys with the youth that we serve begin with a random phone call.Thanks to your support, we are there to meet whatever needs are presented to us onthe other end. Our Life Coaching services extend to the youth we serve AROUND THE CLOCK. […]