Our mission is to champion the advancement of every youth in North Texas who has been unjustly labeled.

Together We Thrive is transforming the lives of vulnerable youth, stepping in the gap for youth that are living in survival mode, navigating life without a consistent adult. Life Coaches walk alongside these youth that are surviving to a place where they are thriving, removing labels that once defined them, labels they didn’t ask for nor deserve. Together We Thrive is transforming lives that transform communities.

1 in 3 youth are navigating life on their own.

Across all demographics, neighborhoods, and community levels, there are youth who are navigating life without a consistent influence in their life. Without the protective role of positive relationships, youth are more susceptible to bullying and peer pressure, making what could be life altering decisions on their own. 

Life Coach


Our Life Coaches are a consistent influence in the lives of youth across North Texas. Read stories of impact from their perspective and see the difference one person can make.

End of Year Celebration

What We Do


Connections with youth start with consistency and time. Our Life Coaches meet with vulnerable youth each week in the safe haven of their school. Our youth choose to have a Life Coach. We have a waiting list for youth to meet with Life Coaches at every school where we serve. Most of our youth are introduced to a Life Coach by their friends, teachers and coaches. 


Our Life Coaches are carefully recruited college graduates with knowledge and experience working with vulnerable youth. Week-over-week, our Life Coaches build relationships and help youth learn the life skills they need to go from surviving to thriving.


Our mission is to walk our youth out of survival mode to a place where they are thriving. The relationship between a Life Coach and youth is built on a strong foundation that allows for this friendship to continue as long as need be. We never cancel or give up on our youth!

100% success rate!

Dariuna's Story

When a youth meets consistently with a Life Coach, they graduate or move to their perspective grade.

Community Partners

The real successes are not because of our organization, but the collaborations with our service partners, local companies, congregations, restaurants, and retailers that have gotten behind us, and most importantly, YOU, our supporters.

Principal Brooks

Pinkston HS

Principal Brooks speaks to the impact of Together We Thrive being on campus and the Life Coaches influence on the students.

Dax's Story

Featured Video

Dax was aimless and unsure of his future until he met Together We Thrive. Surrounded by a community who believed in him, Dax pursued his dream to start a small business.


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