Life Coaches

Providing a Consistent Influence

The Life Coaches of Together We Thrive are our mission in action, boots on the ground serving vulnerable youth across North Texas. Our Life Coaches serve in public schools, transitional homes, youth centers, and wherever there are youth in need of a consistent influence.

Meet Our Life Coaches


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Our Life Coach Impact


In the 2022-2023 school year, our Life Coaches spent more than 3,250 hours with vulnerable youth.


Our Life Coaches serve 4 schools, youth programs, and transitional homes across North Texas.


Our Life Coaches serve approximately 200 vulnerable youth each week.

The Role of a Life Coach

  • Meet weekly with youth and are available by email and text.
  • Provide direct supervision, care, and documentation of their youth during 1:1 time.
  • Help youth achieve progress in learning, identify and manage reactions to stress and trauma, and respond in more socially appropriate ways.
  • Maintain healthy relationships and boundaries with their youth.
  • Recognize and celebrate youth progress and good choices.
  • Collaborate with administrators, teachers, directors, case workers, and others in the community.
  • Establish relationships to expand a circle of influence for each of their youth.

Goals for Our Youth

Our Life Coaches strive to make a true impact for our youth! Our team seeks to influence four key areas in the lives of youth to help them reach their goals and rewrite their story.



Coping Skills

School Year

Support Material

The support material for our Life Coaches is built on 4 pillars, the acronym R-I-S-K:

  • Relationships
  • Identity
  • Skills (Life Skills)
  • Kindness

Asking a young person to step into a 1:1 with an adult they don’t know is often asking them to take a “RISK”. Most vulnerable youth have been “cancelled” on by the adults in their life. Together We Thrive does not cancel; we commit to the journey with our youth!