Be The Difference

There are more than 10,000 at-risk youth in North Texas. Our mission is to help these youth rewrite their stories, and we cannot do it without our team of volunteers! If you are interested in being the difference for at-risk youth in your community, we have many ways that you can get involved.

Get Involved

TWT Friend

Together We Thrive Friends have the rewarding opportunity to befriend at-risk youth in this volunteer role. TWT Friends are an extension of our Life Coaches and help provide a consistent influence for our youth.  Volunteering as a TWT Friend is a direct way that you can influence at-risk youth in your community!

Event Volunteer

We host a variety of fun and exciting events and fundraisers throughout the year.  We depend on our team of volunteers to make these events a reality. If you are looking for a way to be the difference for at-risk youth and have fun in the process, volunteering at one of our events is a great way to get involved! 

Community Volunteer

Sign up to serve on our dedicated team of volunteers who help meet various tangible needs in the community. You can volunteer to deliver a meal, help families move, assist with home or car repairs, teach a class, and other various needs. Put your talents or hobbies to work in a way that truly makes a difference in our community!

Can You Be a Friend?

Together We Thrive is seeking compassionate, flexible volunteers with strong listening skills and the ability to see beyond challenging obstacles to befriend at-risk youth in schools and youth centers across North Texas. Since TWT Friends work directly with youth, a background check, reference check, and necessary training are required in this role. TWT Friends will spend approximately 1 hour per week with their assigned youth. 

Working with at-risk youth is a rewarding experience. Building trust and establishing relationships with youth requires time and consistency. We ask that our TWT Friends commit to serving in their role for at least 1 school year. We understand that life happens and change may be inevitable, but for the sake of our youth, we want our volunteers to understand the importance of consistency before making the commitment. 

Volunteer Testimonials

"What I see through Together We Thrive is the difference that someone is caring about a young person and that brings – that mental safety net to help them know they’re not alone.  It’s so simple. People think it’s hard and it’s not. It doesn’t take a lot to really help a young person navigate life. We can change kids' lives, that’s what it’s all about. Together We Thrive is focused on relationships. Relationships are easy, you just have to care about someone. Get out there and do something. It ends up being so rewarding for you."

Elizabeth Maurice TWT Friend

Chris is a TWT Friend who began serving in Frisco ISD after learning about the opportunities to serve and ways to make an impact in his community. Chris shared, “I wanted to do more beyond just writing a check, and I loved the heart of the ministry to reach at risk youth.” ​Chris went on to share that volunteering “has been an amazing experience. It is the best one hour I spend each week. I have been paired with a youth and over the spring semester, we have developed a close relationship where I've seen him gain more confidence, trust someone he didn't know before, be open to sharing his story and dream about how his life could be different. We had an amazing breakthrough where he became vulnerable and real. This turning point allowed me to see the value in pouring back into someone else's life.” Despite his busy schedule, Chris finds the time each week to invest in the vulnerable youth in his community. He believes the work that Together We Thrive is doing in FISD and DISD is huge as is helps provide a positive, consistent influence in the lives of youth and can change the trajectory of their future!

Chris Young Chief Financial Officer, Preston Trail Community Church

    Frequently Asked Questions

    TWT Friends must spend 1+ hour per week with their assigned youth. 

    Each session is built to focus on goal-oriented topics, such as education, financial literacy and personal development. We train and equip our TWT Friends to engage with our youth.

    At Together We Thrive, we believe that every at-risk youth can rewrite his or her story.  Our TWT Friend program strives to ignite the confidence youth need to pick up the pen and get started, to make plans for the future and begin walking towards those dreams. TWT Friends help at-risk youth remove labels that have previously defined them and offer support to reach a place of sustainability.

    Yes. In order to become a TWT Friend, you will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to protect the privacy of the youth we serve.

    When you volunteer as a Together We Thrive Friend, you are helping to expand a youth's social circle. When you commit to walking with them, you provide a consistent influence in their life and they have another adult in their life who they can trust, turn to, and count on.