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Together We Thrive is seeking compassionate, flexible volunteers with strong listening skills and the ability to see beyond challenging obstacles to become Community Coaches for our Youth. 


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Elizabeth Maurice
Community Coach

“What I see through Together We Thrive is the difference that someone is caring about a young person and that brings – that mental safety net to help them know they’re not alone.  

It’s so simple. People think it’s hard and it’s not. It doesn’t take a lot to really help a young person navigate life. We can change kids lives, that’s what it’s all about” 

Together We Thrive is focused on relationships. Relationships are easy, you just have to care about someone. Get out there and do something. It ends up being so rewarding for you.”

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Community Coaches must spend 1+ hour per week with their assigned Youth. 

Each session is built to focus on goal-oriented topics, such as education, financial literacy and personal development. 

At Together We Thrive, we believe that every youth can rewrite their stories.  Our Community Coaching program strives to ignite the confidence they need to pick up the pen and get started, to make plans for the future and begin walking towards those dreams.

Yes. In order to become a Community Coach, you will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to protect the privacy of the Youth we serve.