Be The Difference

There are more than 10,000 vulnerable youth in North Texas. Our mission is to help these youth rewrite their stories, and we cannot do it without our team of volunteers! If you are interested in being the difference for vulnerable youth in our community, we have many ways that you can get involved.

Get Involved

TWT Friend

Invest your time each week to helping a vulnerable youth rewrite their story. Be a friend and help transform a life!

Event Volunteer

Help plan and host events, like our annual Casino Night or tennis tournament, to raise funds and awareness for vulnerable youth.

Community Helper

Put your skills to work in our community! We regularly need help painting, moving, providing meals and more.

Administrative Projects

Throughout the year, we have a variety of administrative projects that we need help with. Serve with your attention to detail!

Youth Support

Purchase or donate items for a particular youth in need. Monetary donations are graciously accepted  for us to do the shopping as well!

Sponsor a Senior

Support a high school senior moving on to college by purchasing school supplies and encouraging their studies.

Host a Meet & Greet

Help raise awareness and support for our work in North Texas by hosting an informative event at your business, church, or home. 

Volunteer Training

Helping vulnerable youth see their potential, remove labels, and transform their lives starts with a community volunteers – people just like you, who are ready to make a difference!

Take the first step in becoming a volunteer by attending one of our volunteer trainings. You will learn about the need in our community and find ways you can be the difference for vulnerable youth.

 “I wanted to do more beyond just writing a check, and I loved the heart of Together We Thrive to reach vulnerable youth. Volunteering has been an amazing experience. It is the best one hour I spend each week. I have been paired with a youth and over the spring semester, we have developed a close relationship where I’ve seen him gain more confidence, trust someone he didn’t know before, be open to sharing his story and dream about how his life could be different. We had an amazing breakthrough where he became vulnerable and real. This turning point allowed me to see the value in pouring back into someone else’s life.” 

Chris Young

Chief Financial Officer, Preston Trail Community Church

Volunteer, Together We Thrive

“What I see through Together We Thrive is the difference that someone is caring about a young person and that brings – that mental safety net to help them know they’re not alone.  It’s so simple. People think it’s hard and it’s not. It doesn’t take a lot to really help a young person navigate life. We can change kids’ lives, that’s what it’s all about. Together We Thrive is focused on relationships. Relationships are easy, you just have to care about someone. Get out there and do something. It ends up being so rewarding for you.”

Elizabeth Maurice

Volunteer, Together We Thrive

Sponsor a Senior

Support a high school senior moving on to college by purchasing school supplies and encouraging their studies.