Our Impact

2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR

In Schools

Our Life Coaches work in schools year round to help vulnerable youth see their potential and achieve their goals. Our Life Coaches are carefully chosen professionals with college degrees, knowledge and experience in working with vulnerable youth. See how our team is making positive influences in our youth.


We have served 611 vulnerable youth across North Texas this school year.


In the 2022-2023 school year, we celebrated 53 of our youth who graduated.


All of our youth graduated or successfully completed their school year! 


According to the TEA, more than 732,000 youth considered at-risk in North Texas.

Our Youth

Many of the youth we serve are in survival mode and from underserved communities. We believe that youth, no matter what their background, can accomplish great things. We see the difference a consistent influence can have on their lives.


92% of our youth report feeling more hopeful about their futures.


89% of our youth report positive personal changes.


83% of our youth report improvements in their overall lives.


91% of our youth report learning healthy coping skills. 

Our Investment

We believe that our youth deserve our best, so we are intentional about investing our best time, resources, and talents in them every week.


Our Life Coaches have invested more than 3,250 hours with our youth this school year.


Our Life Coaches have facilitated nearly 2,900 1:1 or group sessions with youth this school year.


Our volunteers have invested 135 hours in area schools this year.

Hunger and Hydration

Many of our youth are food insecure and wonder where there next meal will come from. Research shows that hunger and dehydration hinder learning, emotional regulation, and one’s ability to focus. We provide snacks, meals, and water to meet very tangible needs of our youth. 


This year, we have provided more than 4,880 snacks for area youth.


We have provided more than 2,500 waters for youth this school year.


This year, we have provided 215 meals for youth we serve.

1 in 3 youth in are navigating life without a consistent adult influence. We aim to change that by providing Life Coaches in schools and youth programs across North Texas. We are proud to be a part of seeing vulnerable youth transform their lives that transform our community. Click below to see the impact our team made in the 2022-2023 school year.