A Motto to Live By

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Shannon, our Campus Relations Coordinator, is passionate about supporting our youth and helping them thrive. This is one of her stories from working with youth in the Together We Thrive program.

“As a mom and former educator, I have repeated the phrase ‘Never settle for less than your best’ countless times. In fact, I’ve said it to my students and my own personal children so often that they began to say it aloud before I could even get the phrase out!  I found these simple words to be applicable in every facet of life, and I wanted it woven into the fabric of what they represent.

The youth I encounter through Together We Thrive also hear this phrase from me. They not only hear the phrase, we spend time discussing what it truly means. In fact, I was visiting with a youth who was frustrated with a particular teacher, and after allowing this youth a safe space to vent, I was able to ask the question, “Do you feel that you are offering your absolute best in this class?” It was then that I received a smirk and a ‘side eye glance’ because he knew the honest answer to my question. 

Offering catch phrases, or posing questions for consideration, allows youth an opportunity to self-reflect and recognize the importance of honoring and valuing themselves enough to always present their best. As a teen, I was taught to continuously set the bar higher, and I hope to instill this with the youth I encounter.

This is what it looks like to be a Life Coach and a role model for youth as they learn to hold themselves accountable in life. It is then that they can expect the best from themselves and never settle for less.

‘How have you been your BEST since I saw you last?’ 

I ask my youth to write this motto in their journal. We discuss and reflect on this weekly. It’s a simple phrase, but a motto that our youth can remember, strive for, and celebrate.”

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