Support Together We Thrive on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is December 3, 2024. It is a day to be the difference in your community. Together We Thrive is a 501c3 serving at-risk youth across North Texas. We serve youth who are navigating life without a consistent adult. We provide Life Coaches that engage consistently in 1:1 relationships with these youth that carry labels of at risk, homeless, foster and or sex trafficked.

While these statistics seem dismal, there is hope! When a youth has a consistent influence in their life, the positive outcomes are improved skills, behavior, increased academic achievement, increased self-esteem, and increased self-control. Together We Thrive is committed to standing in the gap for vulnerable youth by providing a consistent influence in their life through our dedicated Life Coaches. Together We Thrive walks beside more than 1,000 vulnerable youth every year across North Texas to help them rewrite their story.

Our Life Coaches seek to meet the tangible needs of the youth in order to build relationships, earn their trust and help meet their deeper emotional needs so they can graduate high school, have the tools to navigate day to day life, and reach a place of sustainability.

As many of us look ahead to joyful holidays, filled with memorable activities, gift giving and time together, please remember that many youth in OUR area do not have the same experiences to look forward to. But YOU can be the difference! Your gift today, on  Giving Tuesday, directly benefits the vulnerable youth in North Texas by providing a consistent influence and help them rewrite their story…a story they didn’t ask for nor deserve. 

Together we can transform lives that transform communities! 


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