A young man, a bucket of suds and a DREAM!

In the summer of 2020, we introduced you to Dax, one of the many youth that we are proud to serve. When a youth’s family situation has failed them, it is the community support that should be there for them. We got a chance to show Dax what the support of his community looks like.

Dax had recently started his own car wash business before the quarantine cleared the roads of his potential customers. In response to his story, a heart was touched with the idea to help Dax. So a plan was then put in motion to host a day of car detailing at their home to benefit Dax’s business and to show him what it means when ‘TOGETHER WE THRIVE’ commits to walking beside them.

So there we were, 11-strong, bright and early, along with Dax, his supplies and a heap of great expectations. We washed our first car at 9:00am and did not stop until nearly 3:30 pm. It was an AMAZING day on so many levels.

As you can imagine, Dax is beyond grateful. From his mouth to our ears, “No one has ever done anything like this for me.”

And from our gracious host… “My heart is full. This day was simply perfect!”

Yesterday, we showed Dax that despite a setback, he can make it. And when you’ve come through what our youth have… the “I can make it” moments mean more than words can express. This is how rewriting a youth’s story happens, and we are so thankful that you allow us the privilege. It is in these moments that TOGETHER WE THRIVE becomes more than a motto.

And to the precious friends that took the time and showed up with their dirty cars…. THANK YOU! You changed our lives for the better.

Until next time,
Blessings to you and your family, and stay safe!