Being There Is The Difference

In addition to our full time Life Coaches, we have many community coaches who are committed to helping at risk youth across North Texas rewrite their stories. Our community coaches are dedicated to being positive role models and consistent adults in the life of youth. One of those coaches is Carmen.

Each week, Carmen serves as a translator while Together We Thrive teaches a Life Skills class at a high school in Dallas. The youth who Carmen works with understand English, but can have a difficult time communicating in their secondary language. Carmen helps to bridge that gap.

During Life Skills class last week, Carmen learned that one of the youth was struggling to meet the goals she had established through Life Skills class. This young mom didn’t have a stroller and was not able to go for walks and spend time outside with her child like she wished that she could.

Carmen recognized a very tangible need and went straight to work with Together We Thrive to find a way to help.

Thanks to our generous community, Carmen was able to gift this youth a new stroller! Last week, the three of them enjoyed the sunshine with the new stroller and had a picnic at the park.

This is what happens when you commit to being the consistency in the life of a youth. You do life with them. Part of doing life is seeing needs and helping to provide for them. Sometimes it is simply being there.

This youth wants to be the best mommy she can be and that means doing well in school. She wants to become a nurse one day. Carmen is that consistent adult in her life. By simply being there, she is making a difference. Carmen is a listening ear, an understanding heart and an encouraging voice – someone who this youth can trust.

"Together We Thrive gives opportunities and coaches at risk, homeless, foster care, and sex trafficked youth. Any kind of support will help these youth to have a better future." - Carmen

How Can You Be The Difference?