Helping Youth Envision Their Future

Most the youth we work with are in their formative teen years – normally, a time to dream big and plan for the future. Many of our youth, however, do not have a consistent influence at home to help them navigate this pivotal time. They don’t have someone asking them questions about their future and helping them develop plans to transition to independent adulthood.

An important aspect of what our Life Coaches do with our youth is related to the skillset of goal setting. With anticipation of the New Year and the resolutions that come with it, our Life Coaches started discussing goals with our youth last December. Over the past two months, our coaches have lead meaningful conversations with our youth on setting goals. They’ve talked about big questions like:

  • What exactly is a goal?
  • Why should we set them?
  • How should we set goals that are reasonable with the ability to attain?
  • If we set a goal that needs to be changed, does that mean we have failed?

Last week, our Life Coaches spent time creating vision boards with youth across our community. This exercise was a fun and creative way for our youth to visualize their goals. These boards will help our youth remember what they are striving for, not to give up and not to be distracted along the way.

We are committed to being intentional and helping our youth develop life patterns that will truly help them achieve their goals and whatever their version of success is to them. And our work doesn’t stop at goal setting and vision boards. Our Life Coaches work each week with youth to discuss successes, challenges, and help the youth think through tasks to help them accomplish their goals walking with them step-by-step along the way. We are committed to being a consistent influence in the lives of youth and we are only able to do it with YOUR support. Thank YOU for being the difference!