Working Together to End the Exploitation of Children

This week, Tracey Hardwick, Together We Thrive Executive Director, was invited to participate in the All for Humanities Alliance (A4H). A4H is a mighty group of influencers from Los Angeles, New York and Dallas – all dedicated to combating the #1 business in the world, a $150 billion business each year – human trafficking.

The first gathering of A4H was heartbreaking, amazing and inspiring. We had the opportunity to hear from survivors, corporations, and non profits who have committed to the fight to end human trafficking and the exploitation of children.

We love the heart behind this group, “A4H is a movement that aims to change the course of history by putting an end to human trafficking and the exploitation of children worldwide. Just because it hasn’t been done doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

Our mission at Together We Thrive is to help at risk youth rewrite their stories and reach a place of sustainability. Because of our unique and regular interactions with youth in schools, we are able to provide a unique perspective to the current landscape of sex trafficking in schools across North Texas. We serve as boots on the ground in this fight. Just last year, we reported trafficking activity happening in a local high school. When we enter into the lives of these youth as a consistent influence, we also accept the responsibility to help protect and support them. All of our Life Coaches, Community Coaches and other volunteers who interact with youth are required to complete necessary training to equip them to know the signs of sex trafficking and how to report instances of concern.

We are so grateful for YOUR support that allows us to stand in the gap for at risk youth across North Texas. We are honored to be a part of A4H, share our experiences, learn from others and be a catalyst for change!

Look for our first All for Humanities Alliance in Dallas in the next couple of months. 

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