Writing to Heal

Part of our mission at Together We Thrive is to walk with at risk youth and help them rewrite their future. Many of these youth have experienced trauma that can hinder their ability to transition successfully into adulthood. Experiencing trauma alone doesn’t cause a youth to be considered at risk. Oftentimes, it is youth who experience traumatic events who also lack a consistent, safe, positive influence in their lives to help them navigate life, process emotions in a healthy manner and take appropriate steps to reach a place of sustainability and independence as a young adult. That’s where our Life Coaches and Community Coaches step in to stand in the gap and be the difference for these youth. We believe these youth are not defined by their circumstances, that they are strong and resilient and that they can do great things with the right support systems in place.


Each week, our Life Coaches step into schools and programs across North Texas to meet youth right where they are and coach them to reaching their goals in the future. An important tool that these coaches use is writing. Youth journal about goals and tasks, where they want to go and how to accomplish those dreams. Writing also provides a safe way to share about challenges, trauma and pain in their lives. Through poetry and prose, our youth process emotions turned to thought. Last week, one of our youth shared a heartfelt poem about her unborn son:

To My Unborn Son

March 28, 2021 it said positive

Ever since that day I found out you were in my womb, I loved you

Just a little fetus swimming around with no organs

Mommy wanted to tell grandpa and grandma, but was scared

They found out and was against you

They didn’t want you here

I tried to save you with my words

But they had the upper hand

Me and daddy ran away to save you

We left with no regrets

We lived on our own for 2 weeks

Those were the happiest days of our lives

We never looked back

We wanted you to live your life

Despite of other doubting you

You didn’t do anything to anybody

We wasn’t going to let you pay for our actions

I returned in feat of what they were going to do

They had made a shocking decision

They were going to let you develop a heartbeat

Develop a set of lungs

Develop legs, arms and fingers

Joy filled my heart

Mommy and daddy were going to meet our little creation

We were going to teach you everything we know

We will be better than we experienced

We will hold you through any pain

We will shield you from any harm

We will help you get through your challenges

We will hide you from your nightmare

We will be proud parents of our FIRSTBORN SON

We were moved by her words, inspired by courage and filled with compassion. This road she walks takes strength, hope and a community of support. This is why we do what we do. To be a consistent, safe and positive influence in the hearts and lives of these youth.

You don’t have to be a Life Coach or Community Coach to make an impact. YOU can be the difference for at risk youth across North Texas. The gift of journals can help youth rewrite their future.

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