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When vulnerable youth need to move, maybe because they have graduated, or are moving out on their own, or maybe their family has been evicted, or they are experiencing homelessness – they pack all they own into a trash bag. Just take a moment to imagine that. It is truly heartbreaking.

A piece of luggage might not be something you’ve given much thought to, but for youth in our community – it can gives hope and dignity, empowering them to go from surviving to thriving! 

We’ve kicked off our Luggage for Life Campaign designed to give youth in our program who are graduating or moving with a suitcase or duffle bag filled with items they need as they take the next step in life.

Here are 3 easy ways you can be a part!

  1. Donate new or gently used luggage. Please connect with us to coordinate drop off or pick up! We are happy to stop by!
  2. Help us fill bags with essential items like first aid supplies, cleaning supplies, and hygiene needs. You can shop our Amazon Wish List and have items delivered directly to us.
  3. Sponsor a bag for only $54! Thanks to some generous friends in the community, we already have about 20 bags that need to be filled! For only $54 you can fill one of these bags! Make a donation today! 
 We believe that every youth can transform their life – no matter their story, where they come from, or what they are facing. These bags meet tangible needs of our youth, but they also give hope a dignity to a young person facing really hard things. We are grateful for your support in giving Luggage for Life! 

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